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The functional research techniques in a neurology

Now in an arsenal of neurologists and psychiatrists there is a large number of instrumental methods of the researches allowing to estimate the functional condition of both central, and peripheral nervous system. For the choice of the right diagnostic direction, the exact treatment, assessment of prospects of therapy, the forecast of a course of a …

Disease history

Anamnesis morbi: He considers himself to be sick for 5 months, after becoming hypothermic for the first time he began to notice a cough with sputum, dyspnoea with physical exertion, which grew in dynamics and was periodically intensified. Later, tachypnea, pains in coughing in the thoracic region were added. Addressed to the therapist at the …

Genetic factors

Autoimmune diseases are diseases associated with dysfunction of the human immune system, which perceives its own tissues as alien and to damage them. Such diseases are called systemic, because, as a rule, is affected the whole system or even the entire body. In the normal immune response develops only on foreign or modified self antigens. …

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