1. Population in 45000, including the age of 55-59 years-1350.Chislo born 845, died of – 295, including the age of 55-59 years – 18 people under the age of one year – 25. Calculate possible demographics, structure, age-specific mortality rates.
  2. Population of 420,000 people, including women aged 15-49 years 105,000. 15,650 for the year was born, died – 36,112 people, including the age of one year – 1062. Calculate possible demographics, proportion of deaths under one year.
  3. The population of the city in the year 50,000. According to the referral were registered 200 cases of peptic ulcer disease, including 52 new cases. When medical examinations that swept 20,000 people, found 80 cases of peptic ulcer. Calculate the incidence and morbidity of peptic ulcer disease by referral and compared with pathological lesions. Draw conclusions and make proposals.
  4. Calculate the performance of prenatal service 2,000 pregnant women, if known:

– Number of persons surveyed for syphilis, twice – 1500

– Number of commitments under the supervision of up to 3 months of pregnancy – 800,

after 7 months – 200, received antenatal leave 1,600 women,

of them have given birth before and after the deadline – 600, had

gestoses 2nd half of pregnancy – 50. To evaluate performance.

  1. Calculate and characterize the performance of the children’s counseling service in 2000 children in the first year of life, if you know: – are breastfed for up to 4 months. – 500 children

– Have received the necessary vaccinations – 1200

– To have a year of life rickets – 100

– Malnutrition grade 2-3 – 300

– Died – 80

– Never hurt to a year of life – 200

– Covers the early postpartum patronage – 1600

– Regularly attending physician – 1800 children.

  1. The hospital deployed 400 beds. The annual average bed occupancy in the hospital 340 days. Calculate the expected performance of patient days in the hospital, the expected number of patients in the hospital, with an average duration of treatment of 16 days.
  2. The hospital deployed 400 patients and treated them 7000 patients per year. Of the 85 treated patients died. Transfer out patients underwent 140000koyko days. Calculate the average annual occupancy rate of the hospital, the average length of hospital stay, bed turnover, hospital mortality rate, the expected number of patients with the same average bed occupancy, provided reduction in the average duration of treatment for each patient in the hospital for 2 days.
  3. Population of 40,000 people, including children under 14, 10000. To provide inpatient care for 1,000 people to 13 beds, including therapeutic, 2.3; pediatric – 1.2. Calculate the required number of beds for medical care to the entire population, the number of medical and pediatric beds, the expected performance of hospital days for the hospital and hospital pediatric therapeutic and, if the average bed occupancy 340 days.
  4. Of the surgical department at Children’s Hospital for the year were issued 650 patients, of them died 6 people. Of the 482 discharged patients were operated on, died after surgery 4 people. All patients underwent 6,500 patient days. Calculate the total mortality, surgical activity, the average duration of treatment, postoperative mortality.
  5. Calculate the economic damage prevented and cost-effectiveness ratio of temporary disability, if it is known that the number of disability days per 100 employees in the year was 300, as in the previous year – 400, the cost per day of care KZT 2000, the economic damage (cost of product + undistinguished Payment for sick leave) – 20000 tenge per day.
  6. Determine the economic costs of the exit to the second group of disabled men aged 43 years. (National income per worker per year is 5 million tenge, and pays pensions 25000).
  7. Determine the morbidity with temporary disability in an industrial plant, if known – the number of employees 5,000 people, the number of disability 4000, the number of days-30000, the number of sick persons 3500.
  8. City hospital serves 80,000 adults. On average, one person in the year is 9.3 visits to the general practitioner. Working days in a year by a doctor 280 days. Calculate the annual function of the doctor, the required number of general practitioners, the expected number of visits to a doctor.
  9. During the month, the city district physician clinics was taken 840 patients, including 790 of its plot. Additionally served 90 calls at home, 25 of them active. Working days in a month 22. 3:00 doctor working at the reception, a 3-on service calls. Calculated the precinct load doctor at the reception and at home, the percentage of active calls.

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