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The legal responsibility of the physician for the communicative incompetence

Initially,  Spitzberg (1988) defined communication competence as “the ability to interact well with others”. He explains, “the term ‘well’ refers to accuracy, clarity, comprehensibility, coherence, expertise, effectiveness and appropriateness”. A much more complete operationalization is provided by Friedrich (1994) when he suggests that communication competence is best understood as “a situational ability to set realistic …

Factors of conflicts and ways of their solution

) Definitoins of “Conflict”: an ​active​disagreement between ​people with ​opposing​opinions or ​principles: Examples: – There was a lot of conflict between him and his ​father. – It was an ​unpopular ​policy and ​caused a ​number of conflicts within the ​party. – His ​outspoken ​views would ​frequently ​bring him into conflict withthe ​president.   fightingbetween two or more ​groups of ​people or ​countries: Example: We ​wishto ​avoid conflict between ​our ​countries if at all ​possible. Researchers have allocated general …

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